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White-glove experience design.

Our included retreat design service acts as a one-stop concierge for all of your retreat/offsite planning needs.

Much like a destination management company, simply tell us which meals and activities you want to us to organize and when, and we will handle the rest through our preferred network of experience providers.​

When people share an experience, their brain waves synchronize.  Neurons in corresponding locations of the different brains fire at the same time, creating matching patterns, like dancers moving together. The experience of “being on the same wavelength” as another person is real, and it is visible in the activity of the brain.



Activity Categories

We have hand-selected local experience purveyors for any and all of your team's needs.


Experiences that bring your team closer together.


Session facilitation from experts and coaches.



Activities that help you recharge and reconnect.

Activity Menu


Airport shuttles and car service available for convenient travel.


From yoga to breathwork to liquid IV.


Learn self-defense and firearms skills in our tactical sessions.

Summer Activities

Enjoy floating the river or rafting adventure

Winter Activities

Enjoy snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, and tubing in winter.

Fish & Game

Experience hunting, fly fishing, and survivalism excursions.


Explore the greater Boise area through hiking, cycling, and mountain biking on 200+ miles of scenic trails.


Unique Team Building Activities

Participate in ropes course, escape room, axe throwing, and rage rooms.

Food & Libation

Hire a private mixologist or go on a wine tour.

Private Music Experience

DJs and band/musicians available for private music experiences.


Guest Resources

Hear local entrepreneur tell their storyt, business speakers, and facilitators.

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